Pre and Post Construction Pest Installations Albury Wodonga

Let Us Protect Your New Home From The Ground Up.

Building a new home or adding an addition? Then you need to protect it from Termites! Keeping Termites away from your new home is our priority and we are 100% committed to you and your needs.

By law, all new homes in New South Wales must have either a physical or chemical termite risk management (TRM) system built in. This also applies to property additions and renovations.

When it comes to protecting your home and protecting our reputation, we always recommend using Termidor for soil treatments. Yes, there are cheaper options, but when it comes to termite protection you can’t take any risks. Termidor has been the market leader for many years, protecting hundreds of thousands of buildings around the world – a superior formulation backed by the manufacturer (BASF).

How does Termidor work?

Termidor contains a unique, non-repellent insecticide. Being non-repellent is vital to have a successful termite control product. When you treat an area, you want the termites to walk through the area so that they pick up the insecticide on their body. Termites picking up the insecticide don’t die straight away (which is a good thing!). These termites then contact other termites which haven’t been in the treated area and pass on some insecticide with Termidor’s unique Transfer Effect™, magnifying it’s performance, resulting in unequaled termite control.

When used as a treatment in the soil, the non-repellent characteristics of Termidor provides significant benefits over the older (and cheaper) termite products. These older products tend to be repellent to termites. Whilst this may sound like a good thing – that they might create a termite “barrier”, in reality it is virtually impossible to create a perfect, continuous barrier around a home. Insecticides don’t always flow evenly in the soil and when products are injected under concrete there is no way to see where the product has gone. When repellent products are used, termites can quite easily find any gaps in the treatment. In contrast, termites cannot detect the presence of a Termidor treatment. Termites are continually contacting the treated zone and dying – they cannot locate any small gaps in the treatment to access your home.

How do we use Termidor?

Termidor have a range of termite control products; dusts and foams to tackle active termites in buildings and Termidor liquid to treat soil under and around homes to provide lasting protection.

To control active termites we will use Termidor dust and Termite foam in many situations, although termite baits can be used in some situations. When soil treatments are required around homes, we obviously recommend Termidor – when you’re protecting your biggest asset, you don’t want to take any risks. (Note: some homes cannot be protected with a soil treatment, due to construction type, soil conditions or slope of the land. In such cases, termite monitoring and baiting systems will be recommended).

To arrange a Termidor treatment give us a call on 0499 002 361.