Buying a home in Albury Wodonga?

You need a pre-purchase pest inspection

So if you’re purchasing a property in the Albury Wodonga region then it’s vital to get a comprehensive pest inspection carried out before submitting an offer or bidding at an auction. When making the biggest investment of your life, it is definitely worth getting the house checked out by experts, to make sure you a making a sound investment.

Here at Cantips Pest Control, we specialise in termites and timber pests, so if you want your potential purchase comprehensively checked by the experts, please give us a call 0499 002 361.

What is a pre-purchase pest inspection?

A pre-purchase pest inspection on a property of interest for a homebuyer, is more than just a termite inspection. As the name of the inspection suggests, we are not only looking for termites but we are looking for other timber pests (such as borers and wood decay fungi).

These pre-purchase pest inspections are vital for home buyers (and should not be skipped). Not only do they pick up current activity but will flag potential issues that need to be fixed to prevent future problems, such as drainage, ventilation and construction issues, all of which could make the property susceptible to termite attack.

This is important information for homeowners to make sure they don’t make an expensive mistake and can use the information to negotiate on price if they decide to proceed.

Pre-purchase pest inspection agreement

As you can imagine, the information in a pre-purchase pest inspection can make or break a sale. As such before any pre-purchase inspection, a pre-inspection agreement is required. This is to make sure the homebuyer understands what will be carried out in the inspection and its limitations.

For example, it is important to realise that these inspections (like the standard termite inspection) are visual pest inspections – by law we are not allowed to damage any walls or skirting boards or even move any boxes or furniture. Sometimes the home seller will deliberately try and hide a problem. If we suspect such a problem, we will highlight the issue in the report and recommend a further “invasive” inspection (which the home seller may or may not allow).

Comprehensive pest inspection report

Pre-purchase timber pest inspections have to follow the guidelines specified in Australian Standards 4349.3. The resulting report is very detailed and we include photos to help with your understanding. However, the reports do contain a lot of “legal speak” and so it is definitely worth having a chat with the inspector after he has completed the inspection. As we know there can be time pressures in the purchase process with aim to provide the complete reports within 24 hours.

Let us help you make the right decision…

We understand buying a home can be a very stressful experience and you need to make the correct decision. We welcome you to be on site when we are carrying out the inspection so we can point out any issues and answer questions. We work for you, not the real estate company so we won’t be rushed to complete our pest inspection. You can rest assured we will do a thorough job.

To book your pre-purchase pest inspection call 0499 002 361.